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a professional athlete a lifetime ban from playing soccer for his country. >> california law enforcement wants to crackdown on distracting driving but some say it will not work. >> we have a live look outside, remark is moving on our walnut creek traffic camera, traffic and weather together are next as the abc7 morn >> we are back at 6:10. temperatures are cooler just about everywhere but oak is the same. fairfield is a degree warmer. novato is 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. same at half moon bay. san jose is about four degrees cooler. 44 in san jose and hair and concord. 47 in san francisco. upper 30's throughout the north bay valley. temperatures today under increasing high clouds in the upper 50's to low 50's into san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and upper 60's to near 70 inland. sue? >> we are going out of the south bay with reports of an accident getting an upstate from the c.h.p. westbound 237 or off of west 237 in the lawrence expressway surface street so getting an update from c.h.p. and not affecting 237 but you will find slow traffic in that area across from 237.
building as the commute kicks into high gear leading law the waldo tunnel but they will keep the lanes closed to check for the hillside stability with wrongs coming down when cornell was doing the last live shot. the two left lanes are closed so there is a backup because of the boulders falling on 101. >> pepsi has a new shape for the 20-ounce bolts featureing a contour bottom easier to hold. the label is shorter so you can see more of the drink, this is the first change for the bottle shape in 17 years. the new bottles go into production next month but it will take a while for them to show up on the shelves. >> the lulu lemon yoga pants story continues. the head of the retailer says they do not know why they came toeshoe, according to the chief executive, the recall pants passed quality assurance tests and they now are taking steps to improve salt control after recalling the pants. lulu lemon estimates losing revenue between $57 to $67 million for this year. >> beyonce will show off new threads, starting a new partnership with clothing retailer h&m and appear in print and tv ads with
homicide of the year. authorities say a man was killed friday night when he tried to defend his mother-in-law. the woman was unloading her car on harbor way around 9:30 when someone tried to rob her. her 33-year-old son-in-law was shot while trying to help her. police are looking for two suspects, possibly a man and woman who drove away in a dark-colored sedan. >> for the second time this month santa clara county paid cash for weapons. a gun buy-back was held yesterday morning at an airport in san jose. people lined up early and turned in guns they no longer wanted and got cash. >> never use it. but i didn't want to take that chance getting angry and using it. so it's a good time to turn it in and make a profit. >> whereas last year we finally reached the level of twelve guns, this year we've now gone over 500 guns. just in this event alone. >> $100 was given forehand guns and rifles. $200 for assault-type weapons. more than 1100 weapons were turned in at the buy back three weeks ago. >>> also new this morning a mural memorializing the victims of the 2010 san bruno gas explosion victims is fi
appearance in more than two weeks since a stomach bug landed her in the hospital. she joined her daughter-in-law today to mark the 150th anniversary of the subway station, the tube. the 86-year-old monarch toured a car on the world's oldest underground transit system. she first traveled on the tube in may of 1939, four months after victoria line opened and kate revealed traveling is part of her former life that she misses now she is a royal. >> and now lulu lemon is fighting backs, with 9 company claiming they were made according to the design specifications and the statement is a day after the retailer with several bay area stores recalled the pants because they are "too shear," and the suppliers seas the retailer likely misjudgmented customer taste and wanted to blame it on the supplier. >> forget summer camp for your kids how about catch for adults? >> chances are you may already have looked for a new job even though it is only midweek. jane king? >> good morning, look at data from job sites like glass doors, they found that mondays and tuesdays are the days people are most likely to look for
and driving law. >> the crackdown begins next week on texting and using your phone. you have been warned. >> we have our sunglasses. do we need them? >> not the whole day. poor visibility in parts of the north bay and live doppler 7 hd not picking up rain drops today, but tomorrow possibly a few sprinkles and wins, just in the north bay but most of you see nothing and a few extra clouds with some sun. we look outside, you can see a little bit of high level clouds and the numbers have dropped in the north bay, at 39 in napa but 50 in hayward, with 42 in los gatos. this shot, downtown, you can see a few clouds and coastal clouds and yesterday that breeze kicked up. so numbers trended cooler with the 50's parts of the coast and 59 downtown. 50 in oakland with mid-40's and half moon bay and san jose. so the changes are in store with the fog to start out, partly cloudy this afternoon, and the cooler air mass transporting in throughout the bay area today, that will take us through the middle of the week and an upcoming weather system could allow for a few areas of rain. we need it. it doesn't
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5